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Made using Unity for a Game Project class. I worked mainly on creating the liquid and its interactions with the environment, as well as level designs.

Podling is a 2D side scrolling puzzle game in which the player takes control of a Podling, which is a species that has the ability to gather liquids and use them for overcoming the obstacles found in nature.

The Podlings believe the world is only held together by their roots and thus they feel it is vital that they continue spreading their seed. The world becomes more obstructed the deeper the Podlings ventures into the jungle. The goal of the game and the Podlings can never be fulfilled, they will spread, spread and spread their seed as wide and far as they can.

How to Play

Use the WASD keys or arrow keys to move around.

Left-click to empty liquid slowly through your spout, right-click to empty all liquid from the top.

Other Contributors

Per Josefsen, Thomas Pedersen, Julius Brasch, Rasmus Nagel, Morten Larsen


June 2018