Originally a shelved project, I was the programming half of redesigning and releasing it as a finished game. Apart from adding more content, it was transformed from a completely linear game to one with more interesting progression and gameplay loops.

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3 years after Conduct THIS! was released by Northplay, I was in charge of updating and revamping it in every way I saw fit. Among countless features and improvements, I created an endless level game mode, designed whole new worlds of levels, and improved the difficulty across the entire game.

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Super Supermarket was my first project while working at Northplay. My biggest contributions consisted of creating the shop UI and functionality, adding customisablity to the shopping carts, and expanding on the gameplay mechanics.

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I am a game programmer with a great interest and experience in game development. I am originally from Malta, and currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

My current full-time position is with Northplay, a small Danish game development company of around 10 people. I have graduated with an M.Sc in Games Technology at the IT University of Copenhagen, and have also obtained a first class degree in B.Sc in IT - Artificial Intelligence from the University of Malta.

Most knowledgeable and currently gaining more experience working with and programming games with Unity, having worked with it for the past 6 years. This has been accumulated through my employment at Northplay, creating university projects, and attending various game jams, such as Global Game Jam and Nordic Game Jam.

Apart from the programming aspect, I am also passionate about game design, and therefore was partly responsible for the design of each project I worked on. The scope of these projects ranged from a few days to a year, with each one being very different from the others. I take pride in my work as well as leading some of these projects, and they have fueled my love for game development even more.

Naturally, working within a small company means that there are times that I take over tasks which are not what I specialise in, however I am quick to learn and adjust based on the needs at hand. As a self-motivated and organised person, it comes naturally to me to balance game development with such tasks without needing to be actively managed.